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O'Mahony & Myer was founded in 1979 by Brian O'Mahony and Jan Myer. Their two-man office, originally located in Santa Rosa, California, has grown into an award-winning practice that spans building types and market sectors, and enjoys a reputation for exceptional attention to detail and commitment to helping realize the client's vision.

With offices in San Rafael, California and Pacific Harbour, Fiji, a staff of 25, and over 2,600 projects in its portfolio, the firm has a breadth of collective experience that enables it to provide comprehensive and cost-effective designs for all electrical and lighting applications.

O'Mahony & Myer is one of the few electrical engineering firms today with a fully-staffed, professional lighting design studio capable of tackling the most demanding of lighting challenges. The lighting design studio is known as Peters & Myer, The Lighting Design Studio of O'Mahony & Myer, after the two founding principals, Jan Myer and Richard Peters, and stands alone as an award-winning design studio, or works in parallel with the electrical engineering group.

In addition to the headquarters office in San Rafael, the firm has an electrical design and CAD production office in the Fiji Islands. The most important benefit, besides the highly motivated and talented staff, is the over-night turnaround made possible by having an office that is just starting its day as the home office is shutting down for the night, and vice versa.

At O'Mahony & Myer we are deeply committed to design the most sustainable, energy-efficient, effective, and architecturally appropriate electrical and lighting systems possible. Where the lighting design is concerned, we strive to reinforce the architectural goals of the project and enhance the visual surroundings. Indicative of the care with which we approach each and every design, we take particular pride in the level of clarity and the rigorous detailing of all our design documents. We know from years of experience that thoroughly detailed and annotated documents significantly reduce construction errors, costly change orders and unnecessary project headaches.

O'Mahony & Myer is expert in the use of sustainable design principles and 'green building' inspired standards. From photovoltaic solar power systems to automated daylight harvesting and programmable lighting control systems, to expertise in designing the task and ambient illumination appropriate to the application while utilizing highly energy-efficient lighting fixtures and lamps, the designers at O'Mahony & Myer are able to minimize energy consumption, contribute to LEED® or CHPS* certification, and create sustainable, inviting spaces in which to learn and play and work.

*CHPS - The Collaborative for High Performance Schools